Getting confetti at your wedding? purple cocktail dresses You'll need this free of charge, handy tool from Shropshire PetalsHaving confetti at your wedding? You will need this no cost maternity evening dress , handy tool from Shropshire PetalsWritten by Isabel Hicks on November four, 2015 Posted in Organizing Your Wedding, Wedding News and tagged with Nation Garden Theme It goes with no saying that confetti is actually a wedding staple not just does it make to get a gorgeous photo chance as you leave your ceremony as a married couple, however it also can be employed as a basic and inexpensive technique to decorate paths and tables at your venue.

Though there will generally be a spot in our hearts for conventional paper confetti, beautiful evening dresses we adore the trend for organic petals thrown at weddings they look particularly fabulous at English nation garden themed ceremonies, and lots of venues are delighted to let them mainly because they are biodegradable. But the big question is, just how much do you invest in? Like this?

You'll love…Know your wedding dress necklines! How to pick the right one for youA Quirky and British vintage inspiration photoshoot set in New York City's Central ParkBlooming beautiful trends for 2015 wedding flowersA stunningly easy and classic barn wedding for Kizzy and LeeIf you're struggling to work out how much you'll need, natural confetti company Shropshire Petals have come up with a brilliant new tool to make sure that you invest in exactly the right amount and type of confetti for your major day the Petal Calculator! Just enter all of your requirements, from what you'd like the confetti for and how lots of guests you're getting , to the size of your tables and the desired density of your petal path. Once you've entered all your details into the calculator, it will tell you just how much confetti to order, and whether it's best to order small petals such as delphiniums and wildflowers, a mix of small petals and large petals, or large petals such as roses and hydrangeas.

Plus, you can use the pick and mix tool to choose exactly which colours you'd like that way you can match your petals to your wedding's colour scheme. To see more of Shropshire Petals' organic confetti, visit their website or, if you're looking for the perfect photographer to capture your confetti moment, why not check out our Wedding Photography and Videography section?
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