fake hublot watches Sellita's Line of Watch Movements SW200, SW300 & SW500I know I mentioned the Sellita SW500 when it was released in an earlier article, but it would probably be pertinent to give a brief once over of all three of Sellita's movements and which of ETA's movements they are copies of.

This is interesting to many people since ETA is no longer selling movements to just anybody, and this leaves a big gap in the industry that Sellita seems content to fill. Sellita SW200The Sellita SW200 is a clone of ETA's 2824 movement, but has 26 Jewels, as opposed to the ETA 2824's 25 Jewels. Aside from this, the movement is nearly identical. replica watches The Selitta SW200 comes in two additional variations, the SW220, which has a side-by-side Day Date, usually displayed in the 3 o'clock position, and the SW240, which has the Day-Date with the Day appearing at the 12 o'clock position, like the Rolex President. Diameter:

25. 60 mmThickness: 4. 60 mmVph: 28,800Sellita SW300Currently, the SW300 is only available in one variation and is a copy of the ETA 2892 movement, with 25 Jewels instead of 21 Jewels. Everything else is virtually identical. Diameter: 25 fake swiss watches . 60 mmThickness: 3. 60 mmVph: 28,800Sellita SW500The Sellita SW500, which I talked about previously, is the copy of the Valjoux 7750. The Sellita SW500 features 25 Jewels, the exact same number as current or late Valjoux 7750 movements. Curious why they didn't add an extra jewel or two to this one as well.

Diameter: 30. 00 mmThickness: 7. 90 mmVph: 28,800There's the basics. There are a few other sites that give some information on these movements, but I wanted to keep a record of them here as well as I think we will see a lot of these in the days to come.
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